Border Patrol coverage of New Hampshire and eastern Vermont began in 1924. Due to limited personnel and equipment, patrol functions were on a restricted scale. Only one or two men were available and then only intermittently.

Officers were first stationed at North Stratford, New Hampshire and then at Canaan, Vermont. The station at Beecher Falls, Vermont, was permanently established in July 1926. In 1931, a station was established at Island Pond, Vermont, and continued in operation until after World War II. When the Island Pond station was closed, the Beecher Falls station worked all of Essex County, Vermont. Coos, Grafton and Carroll counties in northern New Hampshire came under the control of the St. Albans Sector on Nov. 1, 1949, and were assigned to Beecher Falls. Oxford County, Maine, was included in the Beecher Falls area of responsibility from 1960 until 1983, when a new station was opened at Rangeley, Maine.


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